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I needed one for my I spent all last summer hand watering my veggies and plants! It was highly time-consuming and got BORING after only a couple of weeks! So here?s my solution for this year! I bought this timer and a new broadcast 360? sprinkler, and so far, so good!! I?ve been standing outside with it for the duration to see if it?s going to malfunction or anything during my watering, but it?s done great so far!
It is heavy, which is ok; you need 2 AA batteries for it (not included), and it clearly states it shouldn?t be left out in freezing temps! The interface and dials are SO self-explanatory; it?s insane. Set clock, set time to start, set how long, manual, auto, etc.! everyone could probably figure it out! it?s super simple and looks like it will be a nifty little garden timer!!!


Modern farmstead approved! I use this to water the garden automatically, and I use the second to automatically water trees. I have been very pleased with this. It saves me loads of time, and I don't even have to worry about it?one less chore that I have to take care of on the farm. My only concern is longevity. It already appears to be weathering a bit, and I don't know if it'll last more than a few seasons. I'm happy, and it works!


First, the product worked great. BUT... There is a programming issue that you must be aware of, or it won't work correctly. This timer controls 3 hose ports. The basic programming is straightforward; however, be careful and take note of this. After you program the first port and switch to port #2, you enter the second start time. When you turn the dial to set the following parameter, in other words: how long for it to run, it automatically switches back to port #1. Make sure that you manually change the port to the one you want to program for each parameter. I found out the hard way, so the only port I programmed was port #1. The instructions are easy to follow but again, make sure for each parameter you set, and you look to make sure you are on the correct port.


Easy to use


it?s the only one that is designed for a single hose - so I don?t have to pay for more capability than I really want.
You really don?t need any instructions to set the start time, frequency and duration to put this in use.
There ARE two programs available (which is one more than I have any use for) so it?s not too limited in its functionality.
I CAN testify from experience that it is mandatory to disconnect this kind of hose time, remove the batteries, clean the timer and store it in a non-freezing environment for the winter months if you expect to use it for more than a year or two.

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